1401 W Lake St, Bartlett IL
A Facility Of theBartlett Park District
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Ski Cafe

SKI CAFE: Open during Winter Sport Season

Come inside to warm-up and re-fuel for additional winter sports energy. The ski Café is a great spot to take a break, wait for lesson programs to begin, or listen for your number to be called if there is a wait for our popular snow tubing activity.

The Villa Olivia Ski Café offers a multitude of delicious menu items including: 

  • Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Sodas, Milk, Bottled Water & Gatorade
  • Pizza, Hamburgers, & Hot Dogs
  • Soup & Chili 
  • French Fries, Nachos, & Chips
  • Cookies & Donuts 
  • Salads, Fruit & Yogurt.

   Menu items are reasonably priced and are subject to change at any time.

For those who are 21 & older we have a full service bar serving coffee, sodas, beer, wine & cocktails.

1401 W Lake St, Bartlett IL