696 W. Stearns Rd., Bartlett, IL
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Bartlett Community Center


Conduct Policy

Our facilities are rated “G” for the General Public to enjoy. To help make a pleasant safe recreation environment the following facility conduct regulations are enforced:

  1. You must be involved in a program or activity to remain in the facility, no loitering.
  2. Children under the age of 9 may not be left unsupervised in our facilities.
  3. Foul language is prohibited at all times.
  4. Show respect to all participants and staff.
  5. Show good citizenship by respecting equipment, supplies and the facilities
  6. Be responsible by exercising self-control and refrain from causing bodily harm to other participants and staff.

Facility users who do not conduct themselves in a proper manner, or do not follow the facility conduct Policy will be removed from the facility and grounds. Repeated improper conduct will result in loss of facility privileges.

696 W. Stearns Rd., Bartlett, IL