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Ellis and Associates Lifeguard Training Class

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Ellis and Associates Lifeguard Training Class May 10-12
Learn lifeguarding rescues, CPR, first aid, supplemental oxygen support and AED implementation. This course promotes important safety skills, work experience, team-work and leadership skills. Lifeguard candidates must go to the bottom of the 12 foot deep pool, tread water without your hands for two minutes, and swim four laps consecutively. All supplies are provided. Upon successfully completing all required elements of the course, students will be certified to lifeguard at Bartlett Park District facilities and other Ellis & Associates facilities. Completion of the course does not guarantee employment with the Bartlett Park District but is considered a pre-interview if a position is desired. Must be 16 or older to work at BPD.
IMPORTANT: In order to receive the pre-course online work that needs to be complete before the first day of class, participants MUST provide the following at the time of registration:
4. The lifeguard candidate’s personal email address. NOT A HOUSEHOLD EMAIL.
5. The lifeguard candidate’s personal cell phone number. E&A will text updates and directions to complete the online coursework.
6. If signing up multiple lifeguard candidates, please ensure the information is unique to each participant.
May 10-12 F-Su New Guards* $135
Day 1: 4-9pm, Day 2: 9am-8pm, Day 3: 9am-8pm
*New Participants must attend ALL classes.
**Renewal guards must provide license number at time of class.
Lifeguard class registration closes 1 week prior to class beginning.

696 W. Stearns Rd., Bartlett, IL